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Where in the world is Rebecca Lowrey?
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What’s the best way to banish audition jitters? By being prepared and confident. Rebecca can determine exactly what you need to show in an audition so that all you have to worry about is looking great (and fighting traffic).

Now coaching in Dallas/Fort Worth and New York City

But first, an important distinction: A vocal coach is not the same as a voice teacher. Traditional voice lessons work best on a consistent, long-term schedule, while Rebecca’s audition prep session can fit into your schedule on an as-needed basis. All experience levels are welcome.

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We can cover in your one-on-one session:


  • What songs to have in your “book.” Rebecca will help you put together a well-rounded collection of songs so that you’re always ready, no matter what the director wants to hear.
  • Which cuts best show off your voice. Make every measure and bar count — don’t waste a note if you don’t have to.
  • How to properly interact with your accompanist. From your greeting to how your music is presented, it all counts. Rebecca will annotate your music if necessary to ensure it’s played correctly.
  • How the accompaniment will sound. Perhaps you print sheet music off the internet and practice to a song clip from YouTube, only to arrive at the audition and be shocked when the song doesn’t sound like you thought. Rebecca will record both your notes and the accompaniment so that you can practice with both.
  • What’s required for a video audition. These are becoming increasingly popular, and Rebecca will even help you record your songs if you wish.
  • How to warm up correctly. Use your commute wisely by warming up your voice with a personalized recording. Admit it: You’re going to sing in the car on the way there anyway.

As the trusted accompanist for local auditions of such big-name Broadway shows as Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, The Lion King, and more, Rebecca has heard and seen it all.  She knows the inside scoop from casting directors and has witnessed the casting process in action from the other side of the table.  She sees what agencies are looking for and knows how to help you prepare to showcase your best self.

And since the musical theater community is a small one, every performance — Mama’s Party, Broadway on a Tuesday, even a sing-along in someone’s living room — is essentially an audition. Never be caught unprepared again.

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