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Where in the world is Rebecca Lowrey?
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It’s all about being 100% prepared.

Each time you walk into an audition, there are a thousand things that are out of your control. Take charge of what you can by being as prepared and professional as possible, with an audition that shows off you at your best.

Rebecca Lowrey
So how do I get prepared?

Here's what she offers

Audition Prep

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Go into each audition with the right songs, cuts, and notations. It’s all about being 100% prepared.

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Master Classes

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Learn from others as you work through mock auditions, both individually and as a group.

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No one in DFW has more experience playing the piano for concerts, cabarets, musicals, and auditions.


Why Choose Rebecca

REBECCA has cast dozens of musicals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and been the music director for even more. All those years behind the piano and in the audition room have given her a unique insight into what successful performers do — and others do not —that results in getting cast…

Don't take her word for it

Happy People

Rebecca is not only an extremely talented musician, but her ability to choose and rehearse an audition cut is astounding. In our last session, we knocked out five auditions. FIVE. Auditions. In an hour. The session is very affordable and quite frankly, there is no reason you SHOULDN'T prep with Rebecca.
Nicole Neely
Rebecca Lowrey is a no-nonsense, musical theatre aficionado piano wizard. She can play anything, will make sure you have recordings (!!), and will bust through anything and everything in your book to maximize time. There is NO ONE who will beat her price and I left feeling so prepared and confident.
Melissa Rosenberg
It is hard to find a piece of music Rebecca Lowrey has not seen or played countless times before (and if she hasn't seen it, she will nail it on the first try every time!). She is so knowledgeable and seasoned, which always brings you ease and confidence as an actor while working under her direction. Rebecca is an excellent music director, flawless accompanist and fearless leader in every room. It is always joy to work with and learn from her!
Ally Van Deuren
Rebecca Lowrey is awesome! If you're working on audition cuts, need some coaching, brush-up, or want to work on new stuff, GO SEE HER.
Jennifer Kuenzer
Kate has a few auditions coming up and needed to get ready! Thank you, Rebecca Lowrey, for a fantastic hour of prep!! I'm amazed how much Rebecca's help and pointers improved Kate's sound, and LOVE teaching my kiddo that you need to PREP for auditions and work hard. And her dogs are adorable...bonus!
Sara Dillingham
Dude. Rebecca Lowrey just changed my life. #AuditionPrep
Jonathan McInnis

Contact Rebecca

  • Mailing Address: PO Box 331 Bloomburg, TX 75556
  • Phone: 972.900.1602
  • E-mail: rebecca@accompanymusicals.com

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